Disney Infinity US Release Dates Topic **UPDATED 1/27**

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Disney Infinity US Release Dates Topic **UPDATED 1/27**

Postby PirateSteven » Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:12 pm

Upcoming Disney Infinity US Release Dates
NOTE: These are US release dates.

January 2015
1/6/15 - Disney Infinity Game Journal (Children's Book)
1/6/15 - Disney Infinity Game Atlas (Children's Book)
1/13/15- Ronan Figure
1/13/15- Yondu Figure
1/13/15- Green Goblin Figure
1/13/15- Disney Originals (Brave and Stitch) Toy Box Game Disc 2 Pack
1/13/15- Marvel (Guardians and Asgard) Toy Box Game Disc 2 Pack
1/19/15 - Disney Infinity Character Encyclopedia (Children's Book)

February 2015
2/3/15 - Aladdin Toy Box Pack (Aladdin and Jasmine Figures with exclusive sky and terrain power discs)
2/3/15 - Jasmine Figure
2/10/15 - Toy Box Trouble! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
2/10/15 - Treasure Hunt! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
2/21/15 - Rocket Racoon figure in Collector's Edition Guardians Case (Gamestop Exclusive)

March 2015
3/23/15 - Loki Figure
3/23/15 - Falcon Figure

July 2015
7/28/15 - Ice Race! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
7/28/15 - Ready to Play! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)

Known Figures and Power Discs with no set release date set:
TBD - PSVita Starter Pack
TBD - Nick Fury figure in Collector's Edition S.H.I.E.L.D Case (Best Buy Exclusive)

Please PM me if you find any item that may be missing from this list or if release dates need to be updated. Thanks!
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