Disney Infinity US Release Dates Topic **UPDATED 1/27**

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Disney Infinity US Release Dates Topic **UPDATED 1/27**

Postby PirateSteven » Sun Sep 22, 2013 10:12 pm

Upcoming Disney Infinity US Release Dates
NOTE: These are US release dates.

January 2015
1/6/15 - Disney Infinity Game Journal (Children's Book)
1/6/15 - Disney Infinity Game Atlas (Children's Book)
1/13/15- Ronan Figure
1/13/15- Yondu Figure
1/13/15- Green Goblin Figure
1/13/15- Disney Originals (Brave and Stitch) Toy Box Game Disc 2 Pack
1/13/15- Marvel (Guardians and Asgard) Toy Box Game Disc 2 Pack
1/19/15 - Disney Infinity Character Encyclopedia (Children's Book)

February 2015
2/3/15 - Aladdin Toy Box Pack (Aladdin and Jasmine Figures with exclusive sky and terrain power discs)
2/3/15 - Jasmine Figure
2/3/15 - Nick Fury figure in Collector's Edition S.H.I.E.L.D Case (Best Buy Exclusive)
2/10/15 - Stitch figure in Collector's Edition Tropical Case (Target Exclusive)
2/10/15 - Toy Box Trouble! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
2/10/15 - Treasure Hunt! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
2/21/15 - Rocket Racoon figure in Collector's Edition Guardians Case (Gamestop Exclusive)

March 2015
3/23/15 - Loki Figure
3/23/15 - Falcon Figure

July 2015
7/28/15 - Ice Race! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)
7/28/15 - Ready to Play! (A Stepping Stone Book) (Children's Book)

Known Figures and Power Discs with no set release date set:
TBD - PSVita Starter Pack

Please PM me if you find any item that may be missing from this list or if release dates need to be updated. Thanks!
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