Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

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Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby PirateSteven » Sat Oct 10, 2015 3:20 am

Welcome to the 3.0 season of Disney Infinity Toy box building! This topic will keep track of Disney Infinity Toy Box Artist featured toy box stats for the 3.0 era. The original topic, Disney Infinity Fans Hall of Heroes, will continue to keep track of total (1.0-3.0) featured toy box stats.

3.0 Top 5 Featured Toy Box Artists
DizExplorer03 (16) - Favorite Character, Platforming, Halloween, Parade, Imagineering, Holiday, Speedway, Interior, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Sleeping Beauty, Boss Battle, Magic Kingdom, Collection, Epcot, Jungle Book, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Semerien (15) - Platforming, Rebels, Space Battle, Jedi Training, Imagineering, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Mulan, Podracing, Sleeping Beauty, Side Scroller, Boss Battle, Battle Droid, Zootopia, Music
Erdadi3 (15) - Favorite Character, Halloween, Space Battle, Jedi Training, Imagineering, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Podracing, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Boss Battle, Magic Kingdom, Zootopia, Epcot, Tron, Disney's Animal Kingdom
CCRunner524 (14) - Rebels, Inside Out, Space Battle, Parade, Good Dinosaur, Speedway, The a Force Awakens, Interior, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Side Scroller, Epcot, Jungle Book, Disney's Animal Kingdom
King of the Tunas (10) - Favorite Character, Rebels, Halloween, Space Battle, Parade, Holiday, The Force Awakens, Boss Battle, Magic Kingdom, Jungle Book, Disney's Animal Kingdom
sonicphoto (10) - Favorite Character, Platforming, Space Battle, Jedi Training, The Force Awakens, Podracing, Side Scroller, Zootopia, Bounty Hunter
MightyGitis (10) - Favorite Character, Platforming, Parade, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Mulan, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Collection, Zootopia, Music
Vasuri83 (10) - Halloween, Space Battle, Jedi Training, Imagineering, Holiday, The Force Awakens, Podracing, Collection, Bounty Hunter, Music
Swiftguy12 (10) - Rebels, Parade, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Mulan, Side Scroller x 2, Bounty Hunter, Jungle Book, Disney's Animal Kingdom
fdanielix (9) - Platforming, Rebels, Halloween, Parade, Good Dinosaur, Holiday, Speedway, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Sleeping Beauty
Modeltrainman (9) - Space Battle, Good Dinosaur, Holiday x 2, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Interior, Boss Battle, Tron
thebaroness89 (8) - Platforming, Inside Out, Jedi Training, Speedway, Sleeping Beauty, Boss Battle, Magic Kingdom, Collection
PirateSteven (8) - Rebels, Imagineering, Good Dinosaur, Speedway, The Force Awakens, Disney's Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Infinifan1927 (5) - Platforming, Inside Out, Imagineering, The Force Awakens, Battle Droid
FettJam (4) - Disney's Hollywood Studios, Bounty Hunter, Music, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Boondoggleman (3) - Holiday, Side Scroller, Music
Aquatrez (2) - The Force Awakens, Mulan
Mickey&Maleficent (2) - Inside Out, Side Scroller
Jedi Mcfly (2) - Magic Kingdom, Bounty Hunter
Mr. Fox (2) - Zootopia, Tron
Enrem (1) - Holiday
dsmmat (1) - Halloween
Pjhaan (1) - Inside Out
HaslamWiiU (1) - Parade
Mr. Monki (1) - Good Dinosaur
PandaAlsatian (1) - Holiday
Nogarian (1) - The Force Awakens
CraftyAsh6 (1) - Interior
XShadow246 (1) - Interior
Max Thrasher (1) - Podracing
Cuelanoo (1) - Disney's Hollywood Studios
TurnerBros (1) - Magic Kingdom
inf15467700 (1) - Battle Droid
KesselRunImports (1) - Battle Droid
rebelscum2453 (1) - Battle Droid
JustNCredible (1) - Collection
Zeryph (1) - Bounty Hunter
Infiniteer Adventures (1) - Epcot
Sonny Eclipse (1) - Epcot
ArtistInfinite (1) - Jungle Book
AlbinoDino2002 (1) - Jungle Book
Tabaer (1) - Tron
New Warriors (1) - Tron

Favorite Character Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Olaf: A Frozen Adventure (Erdadi3) Image
2nd Place: Sam Flynn: Into The Grid (sonicphoto) Image
3rd Place: Rapunzel's Birthday Tradition (MightyGitis) Image
4th Place: Darth Vader: Resurgence on Mustafar (King of the Tunas)
5th Place: Epic Mickey (DizExplorer03)

Platforming Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Agents of D.R.O.I.D. (InfiniFan1927) Image
2nd Place: Guardians: The Kree's Last Stand (sonichoto)
3rd Place: Mickey And The Magical Map (DizExplorer03) (fdanielix)
4th Place: Steamboat Hijinx(Semerien) (MightyGitis)
5th Place: Merlin's Potions (thebaroness89)

Rebels Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Sabine Wren: Rebel on Mandalore (King of the Tunas)
2nd Place: Caleb Dume: Face the Past (fdanielix)
3rd Place: The New Rebel(Semerien)
4th Place: Star Wars Rebels: The Dark Side has Cookies (PirateSteven) (Swiftguy12)
5th Place: Rebel's Call to Action (CCrunner524)

Halloween Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Haunted Mansion: The Case of the Hatbox Ghost (Dizexplorer03) (Fdanielix)
2nd Place: Ghost Train (dsmmat)
3rd Place: The Mystery of the Clock Spring Village (erdadi3)
4th Place: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Vasuri83)
5th Place: Beyond the Tower of Terror (King of the Tunas)

Inside Out Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Imagination Land (Infinifan1927)
2nd Place: Riley's Dream Mix (Thebaroness89)
3rd Place: Fear's Nightmare (CCrunner524)
4th Place: The Memory Dump (Pjhaan)
5th Place: Mind Adventure (Mickey&Maleficent)

Space Battle Challenge
1st Place: Star Wars: Shroud of the First Order (Sonicphoto) (King of the Tunas)
2nd Place: Star Wars: Blue Squadron Arcade (erdadi3)
3rd Place: Treasure Planet (CCrunner524) (Vasuri83) (Modeltrainman)
4th Place: Save the transports (Semerien)

Jedi Training Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Path of the Force (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Ahsoka: The Chosen Padawan (Sonicphoto)
3rd Place: The Padawan's Final Test (Semerien)
4th Place: The Force Is Strong with You (thebaroness89)
5th Place: Training Grounds of the Ancient Jedi (Vasuri 83)

Parade Challenge
1st Place: Disney's Paint the Night Parade (King of the Tunas)
2nd Place: Paint the Night (fdanielix) (Dizexplorer03) (swiftguy12)
3rd Place: Pixar Play Parade (CCRunner524)
4th Place: Arendelle Parade (HaslamWiiU)
5th Place: Save the Parade Again (MightyGitis)

Imagineering Challenge **Forum Clean Sweep**
1st Place: Imagining a Hercules Land (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Gravity Falls: Mystery Ride (semerien) (PirateSteven)
3rd Place: Disneyland: Infinite Possibilities (Dizexplorer03)
4th Place: Merida's Brave Adventure (Vasuri83)
5th Place: Tea Cup Tomorrowland by (Infinifan1927)

Good Dinosaur Challenge
1st Place: Butch's Scar Story (PirateSteven)
2nd Place: T-Rex Training Day (CCrunner524)
3rd Place: Harvest season Hunt (Modeltrainman) (Fdanielix)
4th Place: Injured Arlo (Mr. Monki)

Holiday Challenge
1st Place: Holidays at The House of Mouse (Vasuri83) (King of Tunas) (sonicphoto)
2nd Place: A Christmas Wish (Enrem)
3rd Place: The Fright Before Xmas (Fdanielix) (Dizexplorer03) (Modeltrainman)
4th Place: "Elf Wanted" (PandaAlsatian)
5th Place: A Toy Story Christmas (Modeltrainman) (boondoggleman)

Speedway Challenge
1st Place: Toy Story of Racing (erdadi3)
2nd Place: A Marvelous Grand Prix (Dizexplorer03) (swiftguy12) (fdanielix) (ModelTrainMan)
3rd Place: The Baroness 89 presents: The Magnificent 7 (thebaroness89
4th Place: Disneyland Grand Prix (semerien) (PirateSteven) (MightyGitis)
5th Place: Race to Neverland (CCRunner524)

The Force Awakens Challenge
1st Place: The Toy Box Awakens (erdadi3) (Vasuri83) (semerien) (sonicphoto) (PirateSteven) (King of Tunas) (MightyGitis)
2nd Place: Starkiller - The Lost mission (Aquatrez)
3rd Place: Kylo's Trials (Nogarian)
4th Place: Knights of Ren (CCrunner524) (Swiftguy12) (Modeltrainman)
5th Place: Base Command Jakku (4aic400)

Interior Challenge
1st Place: Aladdin: A Spectacular Tribute (Dizexplorer03)
2nd Place: Hotel Dream Suites (CCrunner524)
3rd Place: A Classic Case of "Who dun it?" (Craftyash6)
4th Place: Mickey's Mystery Mansion (Xshadow246)
5th Place: Haunted Mansion Mischief (Modeltrainman)

Mulan Challenge
1st Place: Mulan's Training Camp (MightyGitis)
2nd Place: Mulan: Power of the Ancestors (CCRunner524)
3rd Place: Mushu: Enter the Dragon (Semerien)
4th Place: Mulan's Festival Fiasco (Swiftguy12)
5th Place: I'll Make a Man Out of You (Aquatrez)

Podracing Challenge
1st Place: Felucia's Clandestine Race (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Naboo's Podrace Celebration (Sonicphoto)
3rd Place: Pod Race: Test Drive (Semerien)
4th Place: Pod Prowling (Vasuri83)
5th Place: Podracing School (Max Thrasher)

Disney's Hollywood Studios Challenge
1st Place: Toy Story Midway Mania (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Twilight Zone Tower of Terror(MightyGitis) (Cuelanoo)
3rd Place: Fantasmic! A Nighttime Spectacular (Dizexplorer03) (fdanielix)
4th Place: Star Wars Launch Bay (PirateSteven)
5th Place: The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith (FettJam)

Sleeping Beauty Challenge
1st Place: Sleeping Beauty: Battle the Forces of Evil Part A and B(Dizexplorer03)
2nd Place: Nap time for Maleficent (thebaroness89)
3rd Place: The Quest for Prince Philip (CCRunner524)
4th Place: Curse Lift-Off (fdanielix)
5th Place: Fighting the Curse (semerien)

Side Scroller Challenge
1st Place: Super Mickey World (Swiftguy12) (Boondoggleman)
2nd Place: Quorra: Into the Grid II (Sonicphoto)
3rd Place: Mighties (semerien)
4th Place: Phineas' Blueprint Adventure (Mickey&Maleficent)
5th Place: The Lion King (CCRunner524) (Swiftguy12)

Boss Battle Challenge
1st Place: Riley's Nightmare (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Hero's Duty : The Genesis Bug (King Of The Tunas)
3rd Place: De-Cipher The Falls (semerien)
4th Place: Infinity Fighter Arcade Edition (thebaroness89)
5th Place: Gravity Falls: A Bash in the Past (Modeltrainman) (DizExplorer03)

Magic Kingdom Challenge
1st Place: New Fantasyland (erdadi3) (KingoftheTuna)
2nd Place: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Peter Pan's Flight (DizExplorer03)
3rd Place: It's a Small World (TurnerBros)
4th Place: The Frontierland Shootin' Arcade (thebaroness89)
5th Place: Peoplemover (Jedi Mcfly)

Battle Droid Challenge
1st Place: Intruder Alert (inf15467700)
2nd Place: Agents of Droid: Another Box (Infinifan1927)
3rd Place: Revenge of the Sphere (semerien)
4th Place: Box by KRI: Scrap the Factory (KesselRunImports)
5th Place: The Rebels Turn (rebelscum2453)

Collection Challenge
1st Place: Lava Hunt (MightyGitis)
2nd Place: A Kingdom Fit for a King (Vasuri83)
3rd Place: Haunted Forest Scroll Hunt (JustNCredible)
4th Place: Prankster's Paradise (DizExplorer03)
5th Place: Welcome to Sunnyside Daycare (thebaroness89)

Zootopia Challenge
1st Place: Nick Wilde...Arrested (erdadi3)
2nd Place: Parking Mania (semerien)
3rd Place: Welcome to Zootopia (sonicphoto)
4th Place: Rainforest Rundown (MightyGitis)
5th Place: Zootowpia (Mr. Fox)

Bounty Hunter Challenge
1st Place: The Hunt on Xandar (Vasuri83) (FettJam)
2nd Place: Felicia Under the Pale Moons (Zeryph)
3rd Place: Boba's Bounty Hunter Academy (swiftguy12)
4th Place: Star Wars Rebels: Bounty Chase (sonicphoto)
5th Place: Star Wars: Bounty Hollow (Jedi Mcfly)

Epcot Challenge
1st Place: Captain EO (PirateSteven) (Erdadi3)
2nd Place: Frozen Ever After (Dizexplorer03)
3rd Place: Maelstrom (CCrunner524)
4th Place: Soarin (Infiniteer Adventures)
5th Place: Future World (Sonny Eclipse)

Music Challenge
1st Place: Magical Musical Mania (Boondoggleman)
1st Place: Grandmother Willow Rescue (MightyGitis)
1st Place: Infinity Hero (Semerien)
4th Place: Chim Chim Cheree (Vasuri83)
5th Place: Why Should I Worry? (Fett Jam)

Jungle Book Challenge
1st Place: The Jungle Book: Man Cub Rescue (DizExplorer03)
2nd Place: The Great Mowgli Rescue (King of the Tunas)
3rd Place: Jungle Book Dash (albinodino2002)
4th Place: Mowgli's Jungle Run (swiftguy12)
5th Place: HIGHER FOR HIRE (ArtisInfinite)

Tron Challenge
1st Place: Tron: Return to the Grid (Erdadi3)
2nd Place: Tron: A New Legend Unfolds (New Warriors)
3rd Place: Bio-Digital Jazz (Tabear)
4th Place: A Change in Scenery (Mr. Fox)
5th Place: Tron Evolution: Hard Disk Drive Havoc (Modeltrainman)

Animal Kingdom Challenge
1st Place: Expedition Everest (Erdadi3)
2nd Place: Avatar Land(CCRunner524) (swiftguy12)
3rd Place: Festival of the Lion King (FettJam) (PirateSteven)
4th Place: Disney's Dinosaur (King of the Tunas)
5th Place: Kali River Rapids (Dizexplorer03)
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Re: Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby Elmo STM » Sat Oct 10, 2015 12:54 pm

Great start to 3.0
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Re: Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby MightyGitis » Wed Oct 14, 2015 2:57 pm

*subscribes to thread*
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Re: Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby fdanielix » Sat Oct 17, 2015 5:28 am

Hoping to see some new artists this year :D
20 Featured
Toy Boxes:

Caleb Dume: Face The Past
Curse Lift-Off
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Re: Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby pjhaan » Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:21 pm

Will rising stars be added to the list this year?
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Re: Disney Infinity Fans, Toy Box Artist Stats (3.0 Edition)

Postby Sheriff Woody » Sat Oct 17, 2015 12:26 pm

yes, if they go on to get placed ;)
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