[NOW PUBLIC] Disney Infinity Fans Steam group!

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[NOW PUBLIC] Disney Infinity Fans Steam group!

Postby Musicboy74 » Wed Jun 25, 2014 9:37 pm


Hello everyone! Due to the recent Steam Summer Sale, I've been able to get some games, and I thought I could play them with my fellow forum members! Here's how you can join:

1) Click here!
2) Play games and hangout with other DIF members!

In order to keep it friendly like the forums itself, you will need to follow the site rules except the ones focused on the forums (ex. quoting, double posting, posting unnecessarily, etc.) So Play Nice! or you'll be removed from the group.

Come join! :)

Also, Steam groups have a class system: Owner, Officers, Moderators, & Members. If you're interested in being an Officer or Moderator, PM me!
Want to join the Disney Infinity Fans Steam group? Click the globe icon!
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