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Text Displayer

Postby semerien » Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:14 pm

Text Displayer

Description - Talk to your friends with the Text Displayer! Choose from over 80 different words and phrases. This toy is a simplified Text Creator where you can choose from different pre-loaded words and phrases.

Text Duration - (1s-???) This will set how long the text will remain displayed.
Text Style - (Connected Actor/Banner/Bottom/Proposal/Middle/Top) This option will select how the text is displayed.
.....Connected Actor - Text will appear above the actor you have connected to this text displayer.
.....Banner - The text will display in larger letters near the top of the screen.
.....Bottom - The text will display at the bottom of the screen.
.....Middle - The text will display in the middle of the screen.
.....Top - The text will display at the top of the screen.
.....Proposal - The text will display near the bottom of the screen in a box and will require an accept or cancel input to remove from the screen. This text is not affected by text duration.

Activate for All Players - (on/off) Setting this to off will only display text to the player who triggered it. Set to on, all players will see this text.

Actor Connection: - Use this to connect an actor to have text displayed over. Only works with Text Style: Connected Actor

Inputs: When a trigger is attached to this toy, a list of pre-built phrases and words will pop up. Choose from this list.
(Categories are: Defense, Greetings, Farewell, Victory, Loss, Angry, Scared, Warning, Confused, Question, Affirmative, Negative, Start, Stop, Noun, Encourage, Comic Sounds, Survival Modes)

Any Text Displayed - This will send a trigger any time text is displayed from this text displayer.
Any Text Dismissed - This will send a trigger any time text has been dismissed from this text displayer (either from text duration settings or accept/cancel proposal text).
Text Proposal Accepted - This will send a trigger when a proposal text has been accepted.
Text Proposal Canceled - This will send a trigger when a proposal text has been canceled.
Specific Line Dismissed (Text 1,2,3,4,5)- This will send a trigger when the specified line has been dismissed. *This is obviously a copy/paste designed toy, as there are no specific lines in this toy.


You will need an Action Button and a Text Displayer.

Action Button:Pressed => Text Creator:(choose whatever text you want)

Push the button and the message you chose will appear on the screen.
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