reference guides detailing the actions, parameters and properties of Disney Infinity creativi-toys
when posting please show examples of how each is used and how they are linked. more than just a description of the toy is needed. ideally show a video.


Postby semerien » Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:07 am


Description - Keep track of everyone's score with the Scoreboard. You can determine when and how it scores.

Play To - (1-???) This will set what score the scoreboard will go up to. *When it reaches this score, the scoreboard will reset. Make sure you adjust this number high enough for your needs.
Win by 2 - (on/off) This option will continue the score going until one of the players has won by at least 2 points.
Visible Display - (on/off) If off, the scoreboard will not be displayed to the players.

Score Results Connection: - Use this to connect to a Challenge Maker to make this scoreboard the official scorekeeper for a Challenge.

Reset - This will reset the score of the scoreboard and hide the display.
Remove Display - This will remove the display of the scoreboard (but the score will remain)
Activate - This will activate a de-activated scoreboard.
Deactivate - This will de-activate the scoreboard.
Increment Player (1,2,3,4) Score - (1-10) This will increase the selected players score by the amount chosen.
Decrement Player (1,2,3,4) Score - (1-10) This will decrease the selected players score by the amount chosen.

Target Score Reached - This will send a trigger when any player has reached the Target Score set in properties.
Player (1,2,3,4) Score Changed - This will send a trigger any time the selected players score changes.
Reset - This will send a when the scoreboard has been reset.
Player (1,2,3,4) Wins - This will send a trigger when the specified player has reached the Target Score set in properties.
Activated -This will send a trigger when the scoreboard has been activated.
Deactivated - This will send a trigger when the scoreboard has been deactivated.


You will need an Action Button, a Scoreboard and a Party Cannon.

Scoreboard:Properties:Play To == 3
Scoreboard:Target Score Reached => Party Cannon:Fireworks
Action Button:Pressed => Scoreboard:Increment Player 1:Increment 1
Push the button and watch as your score increases by 1. Push the button two more times and the scoreboard will reach 3. This is the winning value, so the Party Cannon will fire the fireworks.
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Re: Scoreboard

Postby pjhaan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:06 am

The Disney Infinity youtube channel tutorial on the Scoreboard:

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