Money Manager

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Money Manager

Postby jkhouw1 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 3:18 am

Money Manager

Description The Money manager is used to set the type and starting amount of currency in the game when used in conjunction with the Storefront, Inventory Manager etc. IMPORTANT: The money is shared across players. Each player does NOT get their own wallet. It is required that this be activated to have the Storefront prices have any effect.

Money Type Sets the currency type that will be used in the game. Types are Balloons, Flowers, Gems, Gold Coins, Hexagon Tokens, Power Particles
Starting Amount Sets the amount of currency the players will start with (0-1000)

Activate Activates the Money Manager
Deactivte Deactivates the Money Manager
Reset Economy Resets the shared currency back to the Starting Amount

Activated fires an event when the tool is activated
Deactivated fires an event when the tool is deactivated

See the Storefront Creativi-Toy Guide for example of use
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Re: Money Manager

Postby pjhaan » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:36 am

The Disney Infinity You Tube Channel has a tutorial on setting up an Economy in a level.

Here are the Creativitoys this tutorial covers and their respective start times in the video:
  1. Money Manager at 2:30
  2. Loot Drop Manager at 3:15
  3. Store Front at 6:10
  4. Inventory Manager at 7:55
  5. Packs and Tools Manager at 9:20

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