Enemy Wave Generator

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Enemy Wave Generator

Postby semerien » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:28 am

Enemy Wave Generator

Description - Create a flood of enemies with this toy. You can even choose what enemies spawn and who they'll fight.

Generate at Random Locator - (on/off) If this option is turned on (and you have multiple locators attached) then the enemies generated will appear at the different locators in a random pattern.
Countdown Enabled - (on/off) If on then a 3,2,1 counter will appear before the enemies are generated.
Generation Delay - (0s - ???) This is the delay that will occur between the seperate entries of enemies you have in your Configure Wave window. (Say you have 2 bears and then 3 agrabah guards. If the delay is set to 10s, the bears will appear and 10 seconds later the guards will appear)
Disable Generation Effects - (on/off) If set to on then the various enemy generation effects will be disabled.
Hold until All Generated - (on/off) If set to on, then none of the enemies in your configure wave will appear until they are all ready to spawn.
Team - (None/Blue/Orange/Green/Purple) - Use this property to automatically assign all enemies generated from this wave generator to a specific team.

Team Connection: - Use this to connect a your enemy wave generator to a team activator to automatically assign a team color to this generator.

Locator Connection: - Use this to connect locators where your enemies will spawn. Multiple locators can be used.

Configure Wave: - In this box, select the enemies you want to appear when you generate the wave and how many of each enemy you want (1-10).

Generate Wave - This will start generating the waves of enemies you have assigned to this generator. *Note - if not all enemies from this wave generator have been defeated, this device will not respawn any enemies.
Defeat Wave - This will automatically defeat all of the enemies that this wave generator has created.

Wave Generated - This will send a trigger when all of the configured enemies have been spawned.
Wave Defeated - This will send a trigger when all of the configured enemies from this generator have been defeated.
Enemy Defeated - This will send a trigger when a single enemy from this generator has been defeated.
First Unit Generated - This will send a trigger when first enemy has been spawned from this generator.
Generator Destroyed - This will send a trigger when the generator has been destroyed (used in other wave generators).


You will need an Action Button, an Enemy Wave Generator and a Party Cannon.

Enemy Wave Generator:Configure Wave: (add 3 of 1 type of enemy)
Enemy Wave Generator:Wave Defeated => Party Cannon:Fireworks
Action Button:Pressed => Enemy Wave Generator:Generate Wave

Push the button and the defeat the 3 enemies. Once they are all defeated the Party Cannon will fire some fireworks.
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Re: Enemy Wave Generator

Postby jkhouw1 » Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:50 am

My notes on the enemy generator:
Max generation delay : 60 Seconds

You cannot trigger a new "Generate Wave" until all the waves from that generator are destroyed. The "Generate Wave" commands will NOT queue up.

You may run into a race condition in the following example:

Wave Generator:Wave Defeated => Logic gate:Input
Logic Gate:Output ==>Wave Generator:Generate Wave

Button:Pressed =>Logic gate:input

the expected behavior would be as soon as the wave generator's wave is defeated it bounces a message of the logic gate and immediately (+configured generation delay) generates a new wave, endlessly looping. However, occasionally the message will return from the logic gate BEFORE the wave generator is actually ready and the loop will simply stop. If you inject a Time Delayer (1 second) between the Logic Gate:out and the Wave Generator it will loop endless until either the logic gate is closed, or the game crashes for whatever reason.

(I've kept it looping for over 12 hours with no issue provided i wasn't killing too many enemies in a spark chamber at the same time (more than roughly 20 per second and the XBOX One version seems to choke after about 20 minutes)
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Re: Enemy Wave Generator

Postby pjhaan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:54 am

The Disney Infinity youtube channel tutorial on Enemy Wave Generators:

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